Someone’s at Home


Welcome to “Someone’s at Home”. Our aim is to provide a bespoke property guardianship service, be it a domestic or commercial property.

We understand that, for whatever reason, people may be away from their valued properties and businesses for short or extended periods of time.

Maybe it’s time for a holiday, or you’ve been called away at short notice leaving your property vulnerable and yourselves feeling insecure, with no one to help guard, protect and be a presence at your most valuable asset.

This is where our property sitting service will be invaluable to all in this situation.  We offer many different services which can be tailored to suit individual needs.

Property guardianship, with the option to live in or live on the grounds of the property for an agreed period.  We provide peace of mind that somebody is always there to help look over your property in your absence.

We come fully equipped and enabled to sit on your property.   We can live within our own Motorhome/Caravan provided there is adequate access and parking space.   In this case we will need access to electricity, water, and a WC.  We can also arrange with you to live within your property, whichever is preferable or which you are more comfortable with at the time.

As an extra deterrent to any potential intruder, we have with us our canine friend “Toffi”.  Toffi is our Staffordshire Bull Terrier who weighs in at 25+kgs.  She will help us patrol your property and grounds and can appear either muzzled or unmuzzled during her time on your property.